Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Waumbek and Moose Tracks. April 3, 2016

Alex has a trip report posted on her blog, but her report doesn't have photos.  Her camera was out of storage again.  Instead of giving her my iPhone to use, I thought it would be best if she wrote her trip report without the use of photos.  This way, she'd be encouraged to fix the photo issue with her phone before our next hike.  She understands that this kind of thing happens to all of us...sometimes we forget our cameras, or the camera runs out of battery power, etc.  She therefore gamely wrote her TR sans images and has since fixed the storage issue on her phone once and for all.  Her future trip reports will all have photos.

Here are mine -- the moderate hike was icy for 2/3 of the trek, but it was nothing our traction couldn't easily handle.  At the top, signs of a nearby moose were abundant (notice the tracks that go right by the summit cairn).

Moose tracks by the summit cairn

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