Monday, May 26, 2014


The girls and I are on vacation until mid-June.  When we get back into the mountains, we will attempt to finish the 52WAV peaks and the Trailwrights peaks.  That'll mean about 20 mountains or so in 6 weeks.  If we can pull that off, then we should be more than ready for the John Muir Trail in August.  :)  We're in pretty good shape right now, but we all want to be in GREAT shape so the JMT feels more like a pleasant walk than a hard core trek.

I have all our gear except for last minute clothing items for the girls.  Clothing items for the kids always have to be bought at the last second, since both Alex and Sage have a habit of growing out of things quickly.  I'll post a full gear report after we return in September.

Have a wonderful couple of weeks.  From mid-June through July, I'll post trip reports of our peakbagging adventures...and I'll also get back to the fundraising requests for Feeding America.  We only have 30% more to raise of our $2104 goal.

Til mid-June,

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