Sunday, May 4, 2014

Belknap After Bronchitis

We were so happy to get back on the trails last Friday!  April was a difficult month.  First, Sage was ill with a high fever and chest congestion for a solid seven days.  Next, Alex fell ill with an even higher fever (104.2!) and had to be taken to the local ER after she became too weak to walk.  She was diagnosed with bacterial bronchitis, which is what I assume Sage had before her.  Now, finally, both girls are healthy and strong enough to resume hiking.

On May 2, we ascended Mt. Belknap.  We chose the short (0.8 mile) Red Trail and descended the gentle Blue Trail (1.1 miles).  This was, by our standards, a tiny hike, but I thought it best to keep things simple for our first post-illness venture.

Up the Red Trail...


Fire tower!

Descending the Blue Trail...

We hope to do a 52 With a View peak next week.  I think we'll stick with the relatively easy 52WAVs until the girls and I are back from an overseas vacation in June...then, from mid-June until August, we'll be all over the Whites, training for the John Muir Trail (health permitting!!!).

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