Monday, February 24, 2014

Mt. Crawford (52 WAV). February 23, 2014

JMT planning is underway!  Please don't forget to donate to Feeding America.  The girls and I thank you!!

Davis Path.  5 miles roundtrip, about 2200 feet of elevation gain.

The girls and I tackled something new yesterday -- we ascended Mt. Crawford, an easy-to-moderate (by 4K standards) peak on the 52 With a View list.  I greatly enjoyed this trek.  Though the 4Ks are beautiful, sometimes the girls and I prefer to explore new-to-us territory.

We arrived at the parking lot off Route 302 to find the "Davis Path" sign slightly buried...

The trail begins down this road and to the right...

...just over this bridge.

A slew of snowshoes must have been on this trail the day before.  We had a nice, firm path that easily supported our weight.  We were able to ascend in microspikes without damaging the trail.

Approaching the first viewpoint...


Only a few tenths of a mile to go...


Though the day was warm by winter standards (30 degrees or so), the wind was strong and snow and ice kept blowing in our faces.  The girls tried to stand still for a few summit shots with the Presidentials in the background, but it was difficult...the wind kept pushing snow into their eyes.

After I stopped taking photos, they were able to turn (out of the wind) and admire the view.

We descended into the trees a bit and ate whoopie pies before descending most of the trail on our bottoms.

End of hike!

What a great day in the mountains!  Life is good.

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