Monday, February 3, 2014

More Presi Rail Trail. Feb. 3, 2014

Presidential Rail Trail, Appalachia to Bowman, 6.2 flat miles, roundtrip.

This is Recovery Hike #3.  Recovery Hike #2 was a 5-mile jaunt up and down some hills near my home last week.  The leg is feeling great, thanks to the stretches I mentioned in a previous post, along with some new ones my local (and excellent) sports med doctor suggested (specific flexion and Range of Motion stretches -- see your doctor for individualized recommendations).  All these stretches, combined with light and cautious exercise, have brought me back into mountain-hiking shape.  At least, I hope I'm back in mountain-hiking shape.  I'll find out this Friday or next Monday, when I hope to summit something (anything!).

Thanks for all the well-wishes, folks.  I'm grateful for all the supportive emails!

The Presidential Rail Trail is barely used by hikers.  Guess it's too flat and boring compared with the gorgeous local waterfalls and peaks.  Even so, I enjoyed my stroll this morning.  Any stretch of forested trail is a good thing...especially in the Whites, where Mother Nature displays her beauty year-round.

The long and flat -- but effective -- road to recovery.

Frozen stream.

The intersection of a snowmobile trail, near Lowe's Path.

Heading west.

Nearing my turnaround point.

The intersection with Castle Trail.

Heading back.

The girls and I haven't been on a mountaintop in FAR TOO LONG.  I think it's been over a month -- that is forever as far as we're concerned!  Soon though, soon....just want to make sure my iliotibial band has its act together before we resume our usual hiking routine.  I hope to personally see a mountaintop within the next seven days.  Wish me luck!

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