Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mt. Major. November 1, 2013

We had a wonderful time meeting the SheJumps folks!  What a fantastic female-empowering organization!  We were honored to speak at their event. 


Mt. Major Trail, Brook Trail.  4-ish roundtrip miles.

The girls and I summited Mt. Major last Friday.  We went up Mt. Major Trail in a mist and descended Brook Trail in a downpour. We enjoyed this easy hike -- the grades were never steep.  I had to stop taking photos and stash the camera soon after we began our descent, though; it rained buckets that afternoon!

Starting out.

Heading up Mt. Major Trail

Near the top, one can choose the ledge route to the right
 or the easier route to the left.  We chose the ledge route.

View from near the summit.

Alex and Max on the summit of Mt. Major.

Sage and Alex on the summit of Mt. Major.

Views from the summit.

Sage getting blown off the summit.

Heading down.

This was a nice way to burn off some of the previous evening's Halloween candy!

We won't hike this Friday, as we've got other plans.  We'll be back on the trails November 15.

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