Tuesday, November 19, 2013

John Muir Trail 2014

Just a reminder that the girls and I are hiking the John Muir Trail next summer.  We have a blog dedicated to that adventure -- GIRLS ON THE WAY -- JMT 2014 -- please visit that site for more details.

The girls and I didn't hike a mountain last Friday.  We had to stick around our home while some (excellent) tree service folks removed massive and heavily leaning pines from around our house.  I now sleep much better knowing we're not all going to be smushed in the night.

Instead of a mountain, the girls and I walked seven miles to Dunkin Donuts and back.  It was fun...we hadn't walked to Dunkin Donuts before, and it was interesting to discover how fast we now are on hilly and smooth pavement as opposed to steep rocks, ice, and roots.  We did the three and a half miles from our house to DD in just over an hour, and the pace felt casual.

Funny, I've gotten three advertising requests in the past week...this is right after I announced that this site is returning to its "hiking blog" roots.  Our hikes will continue to be recorded, and I will also, from time to time, record my thoughts on hiking in general, and on how hiking affects my mood and the rest of my life, etc.  What I won't do anymore, however, is advertise.  Not that I did much of that before.  I was -- and still am, apparently -- routinely contacted by folks who want to post ads or write guest blogs (with ads), and/or pay me to advertise.  I've only allowed a few ads/freebies/gear reviews, and only for products/sites I genuinely found useful and enjoyed.  (EDIT -- I sought out and asked Marcy Light to guest blog a few months ago -- she's awesome and her blog is great -- that had nothing to do with advertising).  Now, however, I'm only interested in reporting our hikes and exploring my own thoughts as I grow into a more experienced and intense hiker myself.  The girls and I hike once a week, but I also hike on my own once or twice a week, and I'm getting more and more comfortable in all kinds of extreme weather and terrain. 

Enough blathering for now -- the girls and I will get back into the mountains on the 22 (this Friday), so there will be a proper trip report posted next Monday (November 25).


Clare said...

Hi Trish:

Good for you walking to DD! :)

Just as a reader comment... I really don't mind sponsored posts by bloggers as long as (a) they are clearly labeled as such and (b) they are useful. I think bloggers should be compensated for all their great work, and am happy to read through sponsored stuff from time to time. That said, I totally understand your position.

My son and I had a fun nighttime (3am) hike of Monadnock a few days ago, trying to catch sight of ISON. We didn't see the comet, but did hear a pack of coyotes close by, which was really exciting. Made the outing worthwhile!

Excited to hear more about the JMT.

Patricia Ellis Herr said...

Hi Clare,

That 3am hike must have been a lot of fun indeed! The girls and I have yet to do a 100% night hike. We've begun and ended day hikes in headlamps, but we've never set out to do a specific night hike. Must put that on our to-do list for next summer!

Thanks for your comment regarding ads. I didn't mind writing about products/websites I genuinely enjoyed. However, I don't want my readers to feel like they're constantly being pitched this-that-or-the-other. I'll continue to mention gear we actually use and like, but I'm not going to accept payment for the mentions. My goal is to be of whatever use I can be to other hikers. I don't want someone to not trust what I'm saying because they think I'm getting paid to say it. That being said, I've no regrets about the past advertising I've done (which wasn't much), because I advertised only the products I honestly found stellar.

I've no problem doing gear reviews, though...as long as the company understands I will write whatever I honestly think of the product.

Thanks again for your comment, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!