Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peaks Foundation's WLAS 2013

I recently attended and spoke at Peaks Foundation's Women's Leadership and Adventure Summit in Golden, Colorado.  Hanging out with trailbreaking female adventurers was enjoying and educational.  Highlights of the weekend included hearing about the recent excursions of professional climber and fellow New Hampshire-ite Janet Bergman Wilkinson, listening to the inspirational founder of Women's Adventure Magazine, Michelle Theall, and learning how single mom Jennifer Miller was able to follow her passion and create her own outdoor adventure business, Paddle-N-More.

My two favorite presentations were the screening of Peaks Foundation's Mountains Will Move and Cathy O'Dowd's video-talk, Leadership and Teamwork on the Summit.

Mountains Will Move is a perfect example of what Peaks Foundation is all about.  A group of Canadian girls team with a group of Tanzanian girls to climb a local African peak.  Here's the trailer -- the full movie can be purchased here.

In Leadership and Teamwork on the Summit, Cathy O'Dowd, the first woman to climb Everest from both the north and south sides, speaks about her first ascent of the tallest mountain in the world.  She climbed on a team rife with personality problems and sexism during 1996, the year of the infamous storm.  Her presentation is one of the best I've ever seen -- I highly encourage you to watch the full 16 1/2 minutes.

In sum, this was a fun and inspiring weekend filled with strong women and good personalities. 

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