Friday, July 19, 2013

Peaks Foundation, BlenderBottle GoStak, and JMT Food

One week until Peaks Foundation's Women's Leadership & Adventure Summit!  Can't wait!

---Three weeks ago, the good folks at BlenderBottle sent me a GoStak; I agreed to take these interlocking containers on a hike and write a review.  Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to give my opinion because weather and illness have kept the girls and I off the trails.

This Sunday, finally, we're able to get back out there.  No one's sick and the weather is supposed to be perfect.  We plan on hiking something long, steep, and challenging; the trip report will be posted Tuesday, July 23, and will contain a review of the BlenderBottle GoStak.

BlenderBottle GoStak.

---Also...I'm thinking ahead to next year's John Muir Trail hike and wondering if I should bring a large quantity of freeze-dried foods.  Chett Wright from is a big believer in freeze-dried goodies.  I'll soon post what he thinks about the matter.



Trekker Dog said...

Are you using food drops by mules? I haven't hiked the John Muir trail, but I have hiked in that area - the Ansel Adams Wilderness area (near Yosemite). It was a guided trip, and we had a basecamp, rather than backpacking. But they had mules that brought in food for us.

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

We'll mail resupply buckets to ourselves at one location and also resupply using the few stores that exist along the way. No mules -- would love to use mules, or llamas even, but that would make our trip more expensive than I can afford. :)