Monday, May 13, 2013


Ultreia!  That is the pilgrim's mantra, and I am still a pilgrim.

We are back from our Camino.  The endeavor was a success in every way.  We raised $10,000 for Global Fund for Women and GirlVentures as we walked 540 miles across Spain.   The girls hiked 10-20 miles a day for six weeks, they met people from all over the world, they saw and breathed medieval history,
and they enjoyed near-constant views of Spain's natural landscapes.  

I documented our recent journey at GIRLS ON THE WAY.  I encourage you to visit that site and peruse it at your leisure, for that pilgrimage has prompted me to change everything in my life...including this, our main blog, Trish, Alex, and Sage.

From now on, there will be two blog entries each week (unless we're highpointing or hiking overseas...during those times, I'll post as often as I'm able).  One post will be our usual White Mountain trip report.  That entry will document the mountain hike or rock scramble the girls and I tackled that particular week.  The other post will be of a more personal nature and will discuss my ongoing efforts to keep hold of those Ten Camino Truths.  Book news, gear reviews, future expeditions, etc. will be announced within those two weekly blog posts and on my Facebook Page (Patricia Ellis Herr) and Twitter account (@PatriciaHerr).  I believe this schedule will give me the time I need to successfully and happily juggle my parental and writing responsibilities. 

This means I will no longer keep a public account of our Thursday ThingsThough the girls and I will continue to work on that list, I'm running out of writing time and will therefore not be able to blog our progress.  I highly encourage you to visit Marcy Light's site, (Don't Be) Too Timid and Squeamish -- or, better yet, buy her E-book, Timid No More. In Timid No More, Marcy writes about her own, original 101 Things in 1001 Days. Light's book is well-written and it has a great design; I enjoyed it immensely and I'll post a full review soon.

The girls and I will be back on the New Hampshire peaks later this week.  We're excited -- it seems like it's been forever since our hands gripped granite.  Sage is itching to do a Terrifying 25 trail...if she had her way, every hike would be a rock scramble.  :)

I got out on my own for a little while today.  It was heaven.  The trail stretched ahead, leading me deep into the forest.  New Hampshire's woods are so inviting!  I love living here.

Our family is trying to figure out what foreign trail to hike next.  Whichever trail we choose, we'll hike it for charity.  Stay tuned...I'll post the details as soon as we've made our final decision.

Weekly trip report to come Thursday or Friday.


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Marcy said...

Thank you so much! I am excited to see where your next adventure will bring you!