Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Typical Tuesday Trip Report...

...will not happen this evening.  Tonight, I don't feel comfortable sitting here and describing in detail a grand time I had three days ago.  Sandy has caused so much destruction and chaos that any attempt at light-hearted writing will feel false and ridiculous.  While it's true New Hampshire had it worse last year during Irene than it currently does during Sandy, states to the south of us are devastated.

I will say that I am grateful for my experiences at last Saturday's Boston Book Festival, and that both Deni Bechard and John Spooner are fascinating people.  I enjoyed my time speaking with them, and I had great fun answering questions from Radio Boston's Anthony Brooks.  After my book signing session, I was interviewed by the good people at Literary Traveler; I'll post a link once that interview goes public.

That'll be it for this evening.  I'll be back for Thursday Things.

In the meantime, help out your friends and neighbors and stay safe. 

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