Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Shout-Out: AdviceToWriters: Writerly Wisdom of the Ages

Folks sometimes ask me about the publishing process.  Though I have a book coming out in less than two months, I can't tell people all about writing or publishing; I can only tell them about my own, personal, very positive experiences.

I recently came across Jon Winokur's AdviceToWriters: Writerly Wisdom of the Ages, a compilation of quotes, articles, and essays written by literary agents, editors, and veteran writers.  It's a gem of a site.  There's a ton of helpful information and great advice.  I'm always happy to share my own story with those who ask, but for someone who wants an in-depth look at writing as a general craft and overall business, I'll henceforth direct them to this site.

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