Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday Trip Report: Isolation (winter 4K #39)

Rocky Branch Trail, Engine Hill Bushwhack, Isolation Path, bushwhack, Davis Path, spur path

12.4 miles out-and-back.

During spring, summer, and fall, a trip to Isolation means walking through river-trails and navigating difficult water crossings.  It's not a pleasant journey.

Everything's different in the winter.  All those ornery bits of river-trail and most of the crossings are covered with snow.  And, if you hike after many others have already visited the mountain, you won't have to do much, if any, trailbreaking.  The pressure of many snowshoes will have packed down the snow to create a lovely, white sidewalk from the parking lot to the summit.

Such was the case for us last Thursday; this mountain was, in all serious, almost wheelchair accessible.  The girls and I hiked on a solid snow-sidewalk from start-to-finish, completing the 12.4 mountain miles in 7 hours. 

We had it easy; this one was a steal.

'Twas a great day in the woods -- an easy hike up with fun and fast sledding down.

Five more hikes, nine more mountains to go.

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