Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Things -- Creative Differences and Fantasia

Before I write of our most recent Thursday Things, I have to say that our book trailer is finished and it looks wonderful!!  Keep checking this site and my Facebook Page during the next several days; the trailer will be available to the public very soon.  Many thanks once again to Jim Surette of Granite Films for making an absolutely stunning video.

Now, for Things...

This week's goal was to create a new face for our broken cabinet door (#95 on our list).  Unfortunately, the girls and I experienced creative differences on exactly how to go about accomplishing this task.  First, we wove together a series of mini-tapestries; we were going to fasten the ends to each of the drawer's sides and thus create a unique and pretty face.  One of us decided she didn't like the result, however, so we were forced to abandon this idea.  Next, we took a thick roll of strong cloth and cut the fabric to fit the cabinet's opening.  We were going to draw or paint a design on the surface, but one of us decided she didn't like this solution either.  We're now contemplating going the traditional route.  We have the wood, we've sanded its surfaces, and we're ready to nail it into place.  Unfortunately, I'm not convinced someone's not going to change her mind about this as well...we'll hopefully have this all figured out by next week.

Saw another movie on the "Best" list.  Disney's Fantasia, ranked at #18, is an enjoyable film even by today's standards.  One piece of advice, though -- watch it in sections.  If we had tried to watch the whole movie at once, I don't think the girls would have appreciated each individual piece.

Come back tomorrow for the Friday Wrap.  I might announce the premiere of the trailer...

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