Thursday, June 2, 2011

Want a Mountain Wanderer Cap?

Want a cool Mountain Wanderer Cap from Steve Smith's bookstore in Lincoln, NH? I'm giving away two of them.

Send me an email saying "I want a cap!" At 5:00 on Friday, June 17, Alex and Sage will each pull an interested person's email address out of a jar.

I won't share your email address with anyone. I'll only use the email addresses as a way to figure out who gets the caps and to notify the lucky recipients. No spamming, no emailing you for any reason unless it's to tell you that you now have a cap, no strings.

Since I'm linking this blog to my Facebook page, I must add the following: The drawing for the caps has nothing to do with Facebook. Facebook does not endorse, administer, or promote this blog post or the drawing for the caps in any way. When you send me your email, you are sending it to me, and not to Facebook.

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