Saturday, June 5, 2010

AMC Trails Day, June 5, 2010

Time for trailwork!

The girls and I spend a lot of hours on the trails of New Hampshire, so I figured we should do our part to take care of them. The AMC held a Trails Day event today; Alex, Sage and I showed up to help.

A couple of nice ladies, Fiona and Ashley, were going to do drainage and brush work on the Elephant Head spur trail. That kind of work sounded just right for us newbies, so we grabbed our gloves and headed to the trailhead.

Fiona and Ashley were wonderful. They patiently taught Alex and Sage how to use the tools and rake out all the leaves and small stones from the drainage areas.

The girls took their work seriously and enjoyed their time with Fiona and Ashley. We made it to the top in an hour or so.

Views from Elephant Head...

After a long lunch, during which Alex told the ladies about a million jokes, we headed back down the path. Fiona and Ashley taught us how to clip vegetation that threatened to take over the trail.

It was a great day out-of-doors. The girls and I felt good about giving back to the trail system we so heartily utilize.

That'll be it for a month or so, as far as the Whites are concerned. The girls and I are about to go on a highpointing trip that will take us halfway across the United States. We'll post reports as we go. Our first stop will be New Jersey, in about a week. 'Til then, happy hiking!

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