Thursday, June 10, 2010

Highpoint: New Jersey. High Point (1803 ft). June 10, 2010

The question: What do you do when your house is being remodeled and you can't comfortably live in it for more than a month?

Our answer: Go on a highpointing spree!

Which brings us to...

Our goal for the summer of 2010: Stand on every highpoint east of Colorado, except for Maine and New York (those are too difficult for Sage right now, we'll get to those next year).

The rules: Get to the top however we want. Car is fine, boots are fine.

First stop: High Point, NJ (yes, it's called High Point). June 10, 2010

We (over)packed the car and set off excited for the many weeks ahead. Alex and Sage don't mind long drives, they just bury themselves in various books and read most of the time. I think they went through the entire Bone comic book series on the four and a half hour drive to New Jersey.

We made it to the summit road without any problems...

...and started driving up.

One can see the monument ("the big pencil," according to Sage) as one ascends.

We parked in the lot and admired the view...'s the little convenience store near the summit...

...and the short walkway to the monument itself.

On top of New Jersey!

After the highpoint, we headed into Stokes State Forest and spent the night at a beautiful, remote campsite. If you ever happen to visit, stay at site #13. Huge site, lots of room, and next to a scenic brook. Gorgeous. You can see the corner of our tent platform in the picture below.

Next stop..Delaware!

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