Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Highpoint: Mt. Greylock (3491 ft). Massachusetts. May 26, 2010

The Rockwell Road. We drove to the summit, no hiking miles today.

The girls and I slacked our way to the top for this one. Instead of hiking, we took the auto road (highpointing rules allow any method of ascent).

The road was easy to maneuver.

Views from the side of the road...

Eight sweatless miles later, we reached the top.

We parked in the lot and took the short path to the summit. Both girls were dressed in their dance recital costumes, which they've been wearing daily since their performance on May 22....

Alex took a bundle of pictures with her new camera...

...while Sage played with her Barbie.

On the way down, we pulled off the road and inspected some ripe dandelions.

A nice day in the woods...oh, wait a minute...well, a nice day at the top. Felt mighty strange reaching a summit the easy way.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Thank you.