Thursday, October 6, 2016

Waumbek. Oct 2, 2016

The girls are fundraising for Global Fund for Women -- click here to learn more about it!

The Iceland blog is coming along.  I just need to write two more is busy, so I'm taking longer than I'd like.  The link is here.

Alex has the main blogging responsibility now for trip reports; Sage will share the writing when she turns 13.  Alex's account of her (solo) Waumbek hike can be found here.  This report on this blog is just record-keeping for myself, so I can note when Sage did this peak for the Grid.

The girls and I did a moderate 4K last Sunday -- Waumbek.  Alex went solo, and Sage and I went together.  We caught up with Alex on the summit just as she was finishing her break and getting ready to descend.  She went ahead of us again on the descent.

It was a perfect autumn day -- not too cold, just cool enough to not heat up while hiking, but not so cold that we ever had to add additional layers.

Another good day in the mountains.

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