Monday, September 23, 2013

Jellybeans on Jackson! September 19, 2013

Webster-Jackson Trail, Webster Cliff Trail.  6 mile loop over Jackson and Webster.  About 2300 feet of elevation gain.

We had the honor of accompanying our friends Amy and Hartman on their first 4K!  Seven-year-old Hartman and Amy, Hartman's mom, have hiked many smaller New Hampshire mountains over the past couple of years, and now Hartman feels he's ready for the 4Ks.  We were thrilled to be there for his first 4000-foot summit -- he hiked like a speedy pro and then wanted to tackle nearby Mt. Webster before we descended to the parking lot.

This was a fun day and we hope to hike with Hartman and Amy again soon.  I'll let the pictures do the talking -- notice we had jellybeans on Jackson's summit, thus continuing our quest for Desserts on the 48!  :)

This was Alex's fourth and Sage's third time on Jackson (and their second time on Webster).

Beginning of the hike!

Up we go.

Hartman and Amy on the summit of Mt. Jackson

Sage, Hartman, Alex, and Amy on the summit of Mt. Jackson

Jellybeans on Jackson!

Pierce, Ike, and Washington

Me and the girls

Heading over to Mt. Webster

Hartman on the summit of Mt. Webster

View of Willey from Webster

Hartman, Sage, and Alex on Webster

Cascades on Webster Branch of Webster-Jackson Trail

End of hike!
Coming soon -- we begin our preparations for our 2014 John Muir Trail thru-hike!

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Martha said...

Just did this hike on the 15th with my kids (5 and 7). They loved the nice views and friendly grey jays at the summit :)
I read your book and really enjoyed it! It was nice to read the experiences of another person who hikes with young kids, Thank you for sharing!