Food Themed Rounds of the NH48

The girls and I are doing more rounds of the 4Ks.  We enjoy hiking for the sake of hiking, of course.  However, why not throw in some yummy themes?  We like to eat tasty food, and mountains + happy stomachs = a perfect day.

Therefore, we are now casually pursuing what we call 1) Desserts on the 48, 2) Cheese on the 48, 3) Cakes on the 48, and 4) Pies on the 48.  We'll probably eventually throw in another theme or two.

Our rules -- same as the AMC's rules (must hike up and down on your own two feet), but with a delicious twist -- depending on the theme, eat a dessert/cheese/cake/pie with the same first letter and sound as the first letter and sound of the name of the mountain.

For example -- Carrot Cake on Cannon.

We'll post links to the trip reports as we check off each peak.

Desserts on the 48

Apple Strudel and Apple Pie on ADAMS

Brownie Bites on BOND

Butter Cookies on BONDCLIFF

Cotton Candy on CABOT

Carrot Cake on CANNON

Eier (Chocolate) on EISENHOWER

Fudge on FIELD

Gummies on GALEHEAD

Grasshopper cookies on GARFIELD

Honeybuns on HALE

Hermits on the HANCOCKS (and Heath Bars!)

Iced Cookies on Isolation

Jellybeans on JACKSON

Jujufruits on JEFFERSON

Kit Kats on the KINSMANS

Lemon Bars on LAFAYETTE and Lollipops on LINCOLN


Mango Custard on MIDDLE CARTER

Mallomars on MONROE


Nutty Truffles on NORTH TWIN

Orange (Chocolate) on OSCEOLA and Easter Oreos on EAST OSCEOLA


Pies on PIERCE

Strawberry Twizzlers on SOUTH TWIN

Treacle Tart on TECUMSEH

Toffee and Taffy on TOM

Whitman's Chocolates on WASHINGTON

Warheads on WAUMBEK


White Butterscotch cookies and Werther's Butterscotches on WEST BOND

Ward's Truffles on WILDCAT A

Whoopie Pies on WILLEY

Zebra Cakes on ZEALAND

Cheese on the 48


Tricia Ferguson said...

We met you all yesterday as you arrived on the summit of Middle Carter with your amazing mango custard. It was a pleasure to chat with you. Wayne and Tricia Ferguson

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Hi Tricia! It was so nice to meet you and Wayne yesterday! Thanks for taking our photo. I'll put up a trip report this Monday evening and I'll use that summit shot in the post.

Hope you had an enjoyable rest of the day on the Carters, and I hope to meet you again sometime!