Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Things: Cutting Down Our Own Christmas Tree

The girls and I are hiking 500 miles for Global Fund for Women and GirlVentures -- visit GIRLS ON THE WAY for details (click here).


Friends have been telling us about The Rocks Estate in Bethlehem, NH for years.  The Rocks is a tree farm; a visitor can choose and cut down his/her own evergreen.  All the trees are the same price ($44 this year), and the employees will bind the tree to your car while you visit the gift shops.

This year, we finally drove over to check out the place for ourselves.  While we were there, we accomplished Thing #37 -- Cut down our own Christmas tree.

The girls were excited; they took off running as soon as we got out of the car.

It didn't take us long to find the perfect tree.

Alex and Sage took turns using the saw.

A kind employee took our cut tree and bound it to our car.  We made it home without a hitch.

The tree today, in our home and fully decorated --

I love this time of year!

This was our first time cutting down our own tree.  Though I loved The Rocks, I'm not sure we'll do it again.  I'm a bit of a bleeding heart and I don't like the thought of taking down a perfectly good tree.  Of course, the trees at a tree farm are grown for the sole purpose of someone coming along and cutting them down, but still... I can't shake that guilty feeling.  Silly of me, I know.  

That being said, our tree looks great and the girls had a wonderful time harvesting it.


The girls and I hiked Galehead (again) this morning -- the day was sunny, cold, and clear.  I'll post a video trip report on Tuesday.


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