Saturday, July 8, 2017

GraniteGals is on iTunes, Sage on Jackson in June, and general summer notes

The GraniteGals podcast is now available for subscription on iTunes!  Once you're subscribed, each new episode will automatically download to your listening device every two weeks.

Also -- Sage and I hiked Jackson the same day Alex hiked it solo (she took a mile or two head start).  I just realized there is no record of Sage having hiked that peak that day, since Alex posted her trip report which, naturally, just had her in it.  Here are some photos of Sage's day on Jackson (June 22, 2017):

I can't wait until Sage is old enough to have her own Facebook page and blog!  Poor kid will finally have a regular chance to represent herself, instead of always being the plus 1 on my blog or Alex's blog.  :)

It's summertime and the girls are here, there, and yonder.  Both Alex and Sage have full lives that include, but are not limited to, a lot of hiking.  Alex is at CTY summer camp in Lancaster right now, and Sage has two local day camps soon.  Sage and I will hike a 4K tomorrow (she'll post the trip report on Alex's blog) or Monday, and Alex won't be around to hike a 4K again until late July.  Both girls are on track to complete the Grid before they leave for college, so thankfully there is no feeling like they "have" to smush in a million hikes in between camps and travel.  I never want them to feel like they "have" to hike -- if that were to ever happen then the fun would cease to exist.

Before the girls' academic courses begin for 2017-2018, we will thru-hike the Cohos Trail.  No highpointing for us this year since we need guides for the few mountains we have left and guides cost money....I need to save up for a couple years.  We will greatly enjoy our local mountains and trails in the meantime, though.  The Cohos Trail is a wonderful example of a gorgeous and challenging hike right in our own backyard -- we look forward to walking this wild network of trails all the way to Canada.  I'll post a day-by-day account of our adventures when we return in late August.

My DVT situation seems quite manageable.  I am back to hiking whatever I want with no pain or swelling.  I am grateful for my love of hiking and for modern medicine; my life expectancy is quite normal thanks to both.

Alex will resume posting on her blog when she resumes 4K hiking later this summer, and Sage is keeping everything going with GraniteGals while her sister is away.

Life is good.  The girls are growing and the time when they will both be leaving for college is drawing closer and closer.  I have four years left with Alex and six with Sage.  After that, I hope to embark on a brand new set of adventures -- this time, just with myself -- out there in the big and wonderful world of trails and peaks.


crshortt said...

Great, but can you please also add the podcast to Google Play Music's podcast library as well for all of us who don't use Apple products and services?

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Hi Rick, yes, absolutely! It took a while for me to figure out how to add a podcast to iTunes -- that was the main hurdle. That's my (Trish) contribution to the podcast...the girls find and interview the ladies, record it and then edit it, and then put the whole thing into mp3 format...then one of them posts to the blog. My job was to figure out how to submit the series to iTunes for subscription possibilities. I had to change blogging platforms and figure out some coding issues, so it took longer than I had expected. Now that everything is figured out for iTunes, I should probably be able to get it onto Google Play this coming week. We are busy through Tuesday morning, so I hope to get to this Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Jessica said...

I've enjoyed your blog for years. Great to hear you will be exploring the Cohos trail this summer. I'll be heading southbound on Aug.10, so perhaps we'll cross paths.

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Hi Jessica! We should definitely cross paths! Looking forward to meeting you on the trail! :)