Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Welch/Dickey. July 11, 2016

Welch-Dickey (not a 4K).  4.4 miles roundtrip with 1751 feet of elevation gain.  July 11, 2016

This is Trish; instead of hiking another 4K this week, Sage and I decided to hike nearby Welch/Dickey.  It's a gorgeous trek, and we've done it many times before.  Our quest for the Grid makes it difficult for us to hike much of anything besides 4Ks these days, so having a bit of extra time this month to hike a lovely non-4K trail was nice.

Alex comes back from camp this week, and then she'll continue her trip reports.  We will likely hike a 4K next week, then another one after that, then there will be a short break in early August while the girls go on vacation with their dad.

Here are some photos from the W/D hike.  This is a lovely loop hike in Thornton that offers a lot of bang for the buck.  The trail never feels steep, and you reach the first viewpoint just 1.4 miles from the parking lot.  I'd advise starting early and/or hiking midweek, though -- this hike is popular and crowds swarm the area every summer weekend.

'Til next week, when Alex will do the writing (but I'll post photos to keep my personal records going).  Happy hiking, everyone.

View from first ledge

Views from the top

The trail descends over that ledge

Looking back toward the first summit as we head up the next

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