Thursday, June 30, 2016

Abigail Adams (TW72) and Adams. June 28-29, 2016

Abigail Adams, Adams, and Madison Spring Hut.  June 28-29, 2016

Air Line, Short Line Randolph Path, Hincks Trail, Lowe's Path, Star Lake Trail, Gulfside, Airline, Upper Bruin, Valley Way, Lower Bruin, Brookside.  Around 10.3 miles roundtrip with about 4900 feet of elevation gain.

The following is written by Sage.  Photos by Trish.

We started at about 6:30am.  The picture below is of me at the trailhead, eating breakfast.

Starting from Appalachia...

We did not let that stop us!

Mom and I headed up Air Line and made our way to Lowe's Path.

Heading up...

Yay, a bridge!

A pretty stream, some trees...

We wet our Buffs with stream water.

We got to Gray Knob Shelter.  It was bigger then I thought it would be; I would definitely like to stay there some day.

Me posing for a photo by the scary sign!

Woo-hoo!  Views!

Hiking over to Abigail Adams, which I needed for Trailwrights.

Rocks, rocks, rocks!

We look at Pointy Madison...

And there's Adams, which we will hike up later.

There's Sam Adams!

Me on top of Abigail Adams.

Lots of intersections!

Going up Adams...

We got to Adams!  Surprisingly, there were a lot of bugs on the summit.

Down towards the hut we go!  Mom and I took Star Lake Trail down Adams and around J. Q. Adams towards Star Lake.

Star Lake!  It was beautiful.

Yay!  We got to the hut!  I was excited to stay at Madison Springs.

I took the top bunk, and Mom takes the one that is over the camera at this moment.

I enjoyed lemonade, a minty piece of brownie, and a piece of coffee cake.

There was an undercast the next morning.

I found a book in the hut's library the night we got to the hut, and here I am finishing it.

Here we are at the top of Airline.

Looking back towards the hut...

A plaque on a tree on Upper Bruin Trail...

We walked down Upper Bruin Trail on our way to the car.

Looking forward to doing more hut stays/hikes in the future!

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