Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy birthday, Sage! Also -- the Hancocks. March 21, 2016

Sage is 11!

We hiked the Hancocks last Monday.  Since then, Sage turned 11 and Easter rolled around, so Alex and I are both tardy with posting our pictures/trip reports.

Here are my photos -- Alex will have her trip report up sometime today.  Hers will have all the details -- my images on this site are supplemental.

There wasn't much ice on this hike, thank goodness.  It was a nice change from last week's Osceola skating rink.  We made great time -- five hours for a ten-mile, two-peak trek (book time is 6 hours and 20 minutes).

On summit of North Hancock

On summit of South Hancock

Back at the parking lot

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