Friday, December 18, 2015

Taleggio on Tecumseh. December 16, 2015

Well, we have now used up all our months for Tecumseh...with the exception of August, which we're saving for our Grid finish (in three or four years).  We will now have to figure out what other 4K peak we can do quickly when our schedule is overburdened.  Cannon is close to being "Grid-ed" out too, as is Moosilauke...I'll just have to get in better shape so we can hike longer trails up tougher 4K peaks in less than three hours.  The girls' academic and extracurricular schedules can sometimes be overwhelming.  I look forward to the next couple of weeks, when Christmas break arrives and we can do a few long traverses without worrying about a test coming up or homework due.

Our recent hike up Tecumseh was weird, in that there was NO SNOW.  For December, that's crazy.  There was less snow last Wednesday than there was last November.  At this time of year, there's usually at least a good foot or more up by the summit, if not at the trailhead.  We could have done this hike in trail runners and shorts...each of us kept remarking how strange this was...being so close to Christmas, and not enough snow on the mountain to make ears for a snowman.

I'll let the photos tell the snow-free story -- we did get to try Taleggio cheese on the summit, though -- that was tasty -- Taleggio is a soft cheese, best served on crackers.  Yum.  We also got to bring our new hiking buddies, cute little fellas made by Triple Crowner Arlette Laan.

Sage with her hiking buddy, made by Arlette Laan.

Alex with her hiking buddy, made by Arlette Laan.

Completely snow-free stairs!!

All the snow on the entire mountain, featured in this image.

"Where's the snow?"

At least the Presidentials have a bit of snow...

Lovely view
Hiking buddies on Tecumseh

Alex and Sage with their hiking buddies

Love Tecumseh, but it's time to say goodbye to it for a long while.  Seriously, we mean it this time.  We're out of Tecumseh Grid months.  

We'll hike again on Sunday, then on Tuesday, and then at some point right after Christmas.  Maybe we'll get some snow at some point..?

Happy hiking, and stay safe.

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