Friday, September 25, 2015

Hale. September 22, 2015

Hale Brook Trail.  4.4 miles roundtrip, about 2300 hundred feet of elevation gain.

It was a crazy week -- lots of schoolwork, lots of extracurricular activities...and, unfortunately, some horrible news for my daughters...I had to spend tons of time doing damage control on the emotional well-being of my kids.  That's all I'll say -- for now -- about the unfortunate news.  Hopefully, there will never be an occasion to go into it publicly.  If there is a need, then I most definitely will -- loud, clear, and in great detail, and with lots of photos.  I would need to, for the sake of my daughters.  However, let's hope there will never be the need.

The woods are our healing place, so into the woods we went.  Unfortunately, we couldn't spend a lot of time up in the mountains due to the busy schedule, so we had to choose something fairly fast and short.  Hale it was, in all its autumnal glory.

We went the usual way -- Hale Brook Trail -- straight up for 2.2 miles with a few water crossings and some steep terrain in the second half.  I only took four photos; we've done Hale so much that I feel more photos of this mountain on this blog would be overkill.

Someone recently stacked the rocks in an interesting fashion.

We will have some more free time next week -- everything won't feel so rushed, thankfully.  We'll have some time to have FUN (besides mountain fun).  :)

Be safe out there,

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