Monday, July 11, 2011

Preparing for New York's Highpoint

The girls and I are preparing to hike New York's highpoint, Mt. Marcy. We took a twelve mile hike last Saturday in order to ready ourselves; I'll post that trip report Wednesday evening.


Anonymous said...

Why not an overnight at John's Brook Lodge? You'd only have to carry sleeping bags in 3.5 miles and could hike with day packs from there.

- Elizabeth

PatriciaEllisHerr said...

We'll have our dog with us, so any planned overnighting needs to be done in a tent. I think doing the whole thing with a relatively light pack will be easier on me in terms of my back and my mood. If we find we MUST spend the night out, I'll have enough gear and food with me to keep the girls and I warm, safe, and dry (just not as comfortable as we'd be in our tent). I've also no fear of walking out after dark and we're starting very early, so I think this will all work out.