Sunday, September 26, 2010

Highpoint: Vermont. Mt. Mansfield (4395 ft). September 24, 2010

Vermont: Mt. Mansfield, our 34th (and last) highpoint of the year!

Sage requested we ride on the gondola. Even though Alex and I don't particularly care for that method of ascent, we bowed to Sage's wishes.

Sage had a great time...

...while Alex and I clung to the sides and tried to calm our nerves. There is nothing wrong with the Mt. Mansfield gondola -- Alex and I just have a terrible fear of riding in gondolas and trams.

My worst fears were thankfully not realized (the gondola did not snap off the cable and send us plummeting to our deaths), and we reached the top unscathed.

From here, we took the Cliff Trail.

We topped out on the Long Trail and walked to the summit.

At the top!

We did not lounge on the summit for long; we had more important things than highpointing on our minds...

(The ice cream was delicious).

Not a bad year. 34 states -- pretty good for a 5 year old and a 7 year old.

Next highpointing stops -- Maine and New summer. After that, we may be finished, or we may continue. That'll be up to the girls.

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