Friday, April 22, 2016

Franconia Ridge (Lafayette through Flume). April 17, 2016

This post is simply for my own record-keeping purposes.  Trip reports are now written by Alex; Sage will share in the public writing when she turns 13.

Alex's report of this hike can be found here.

My photos --

It's always fun to hike with John.

Agonies ahead...which is where the ice began in earnest

This part of the Agonies was ice-free

The girls on Lafayette

John looking toward Lincoln

Sage on Lincoln

Alex on Lincoln

Next up -- Liberty and Flume

On Liberty

On Flume

About to head down

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hike it Baby Event, and a Thank You to Lynn Pettipaw!

We aren't hiking this week, unfortunately.  Alex has a nasty head cold; the mountains will still be there when she isn't going through a box of tissues every hour.  We can do a traverse of something in late April to make up for this week so we'll stay on track with the girls' GRID goals.

A huge thank you to Lynn Pettipaw, who recently donated to Global Fund for Women through Alex and Sage's CrowdRise page.  We appreciate your generosity, Lynn!

Finally, we hope to see you here --

We have the honor of doing a meet-and-greet at Hike it Baby Monadnock's Book Club meeting on May 6.  The event begins at 11am at the lovely Beech Hill Farm, where they have a scenic one mile nature walk and extremely yummy ice cream.  Looking forward to this!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Waumbek and Moose Tracks. April 3, 2016

Alex has a trip report posted on her blog, but her report doesn't have photos.  Her camera was out of storage again.  Instead of giving her my iPhone to use, I thought it would be best if she wrote her trip report without the use of photos.  This way, she'd be encouraged to fix the photo issue with her phone before our next hike.  She understands that this kind of thing happens to all of us...sometimes we forget our cameras, or the camera runs out of battery power, etc.  She therefore gamely wrote her TR sans images and has since fixed the storage issue on her phone once and for all.  Her future trip reports will all have photos.

Here are mine -- the moderate hike was icy for 2/3 of the trek, but it was nothing our traction couldn't easily handle.  At the top, signs of a nearby moose were abundant (notice the tracks that go right by the summit cairn).

Moose tracks by the summit cairn